Fall, Work, and Books!

Although the weather is holding on tight to the temperatures of summer, it is technically fall. I love fall. I like sweaters, hot drinks, and prefer wearing boots over sneakers any day. The thought of cool breezes and colorful leaves has sustained me these last few weeks while I’ve been job hunting. Fellow 2016 graduates, how has the process been for you? I’ve been applying to a mix of local part-time work and industry jobs a few states away.  I don’t have anything lined up yet, but I’m working on it!

Since college ended, I’ve been trying to pick up my reading. While in school, I often found myself too burnt out on texts for classes to do any recreational reading on the side. But this time of year used to be great for me and reading. While in grade and high school, I had a commute by school bus, so I often spent the time reading as I traveled. And around the time of Halloween, I would gravitate towards fantasy tales, whether they were scary stories(not often,) or stories with magical settings. To that end, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite books for the early fall season, to give you and I some inspiration for reading.

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