Have a question about me? Look here!


Q: What’s with your username/blog address?

A: “Col” is the beginning of my name. “Woah” is a typo. “Whoa” would be the correct spelling. If you noticed this, you probably have excellent English spelling and grammar skills. If you didn’t notice, you might need someone to proofread your written work. I can help! Email me at woahcol@gmail.com for more details.

Q: Did you do that on purpose?

A: I’ll never tell!

Q: What’s your education like?

A: I attended college and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Media & Communications.

Q: What can you do?

A: Many things! I can write and proofread fiction, non-fiction, and scripts. I have some video editing skills and have worked with cameras before. I love film and television, but all media interests me in some way. I’m always looking to learn a new skill or about a new branch of media.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: I can be found on twitter @woahcol. For resume/employment inquires, please email woahcol@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinion expressed on this blog are my own.