Review: Justice League/Power Rangers #1

*There are spoilers below!*

The Justice League and the Power Rangers were two crime-fighting teams that took up a good bit of my TV time as a kid. So although I cackled while asking “What is happening?” as I read the announcement for the Justice League/Power Rangers comic, I knew I would be inclined to check it out.

Justice League/Power Rangers #1 is written by Tom Taylor, drawn and colored by Stephen Bryne, and lettered by Deron Bennett. The normal cover is by Karl Kerschl, though I bought the Batman and Pink Ranger variant by Dan Hipp.

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My Thoughts on Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

At 7AM, on the day after Thanksgiving, my mom, sister, and I gathered in our family room to watch Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. Now we had some fun stuff going on yesterday, so we didn’t get to finish the episodes until a little while ago. But now we have watched them all, and I can react to how the series has ended.


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I love Gilmore Girls

(A quick aside before our irregularly scheduled post: Last week, I contacted my local government representatives to express my concerns over Stephen Bannon and the rumors of a Muslim registry.  I typed up some scripts to follow, cobbled together from bits of other people’s scripts I had found online. When I called, I was able to reach live staffers, and I felt like they were recording my concerns. So if you have any concerns over Trump Administration appointments or rumored legislation, I encourage you to do the same. With a little bit of prep beforehand, you can get these calls done in a half hour and have your voice heard. If you would like me to link to some of the scripts I looked at, let me know, and I’ll do so. Ok? Ok.)


Gilmore Girls Spoilers Below!

Coffee and pop culture references are things I have on hand at any given moment, and I think it might be Gilmore Girls’ fault. My sister and I have come to the conclusion that we can probably blame the show for our tendencies to talk fast and over each other, all while quoting movie and TV lines we both know. Watching the show was a family affair, something my sister, mom, and I did after my sister and I got home from school.  Eventually, I grew to love the show. I wanted to write a very structured post all about it before the new episodes are released, but I honestly think I would rather babble about what I like and dislike about it. So please indulge my babbling.

Some opinions of mine:*

  • The show needs more diversity: Wow, this show is very white and straight, especially in its main cast. I’m hoping Netflix did better with this in their episodes.
  • Paris is amazing: I didn’t like Paris when I first watched the show. It is only now, with age and cynicism, that I have realized that Paris has some of the best, if not the most cutting  and sarcastic lines on the show, (second only to Emily.) I really can’t wait to see what she’s been up to.

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Fall, Work, and Books!

Although the weather is holding on tight to the temperatures of summer, it is technically fall. I love fall. I like sweaters, hot drinks, and prefer wearing boots over sneakers any day. The thought of cool breezes and colorful leaves has sustained me these last few weeks while I’ve been job hunting. Fellow 2016 graduates, how has the process been for you? I’ve been applying to a mix of local part-time work and industry jobs a few states away.  I don’t have anything lined up yet, but I’m working on it!

Since college ended, I’ve been trying to pick up my reading. While in school, I often found myself too burnt out on texts for classes to do any recreational reading on the side. But this time of year used to be great for me and reading. While in grade and high school, I had a commute by school bus, so I often spent the time reading as I traveled. And around the time of Halloween, I would gravitate towards fantasy tales, whether they were scary stories(not often,) or stories with magical settings. To that end, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite books for the early fall season, to give you and I some inspiration for reading.

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Aunt Shirley

My Aunt Shirley passed away in June. My mom, sister, and I keep our memories of her fresh by talking about her with each other and with other members of the family. We tell stories, and we laugh at things we think she would find annoying, joking that if we keep talking about her like this, she’ll kick us out of bed while we sleep. We used to say these things with her, in reference to my deceased grandfather, and now we say them about her. It feels strange that she’s not here to laugh with us or scoff at us. But I’m sure she would be glad we’re keeping the humor light.

I keep thinking about lots of things about her, things she would say to me, and things she’s given to me over the years that I’m glad I still have.  I have pictures of her, cards written in her hand, and PJs she gave me last winter that I didn’t get a chance to wear yet. But some of my favorite things from her are books that she gave me.

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